We are a dynamically developing company, operating in the area of real estate, the construction industry and project management. The company began its operations in 2005 and we have so far consolidated our position on the real estate market in Opole. Our philosophy of operation is based on positive energy and the mutual collaboration of our team. We are simply a good team. We believe that a developer may arouse positive emotions and be closer to people. We currently offer homes, apartments and building plots. We focus on searching for outstanding places to build homes so that our customers can achieve their goal of finding their dream homes after the plots are separated and equipped with utilities. We may easily say that our passion and commitment helps people find their own way home. You are welcome to discover our offer!

„Life is a journey which leads you home”

Herman Melville

Our team


Tomasz Suchan
Co-owner, specialist for investment projects

Shareholder, one of the founders and initiators of the company. Serves as the CEO, manages the current operations of the company. He has been associated with the local market since 2005. He also handles planning and organizing building investment projects and investment consulting. He is fluent in Dutch. Tomasz does not know the meaning of the word “impossible”, he believes that everything can be achieved thanks to the combination of professionalism, good intentions and a positive attitude.

Eliasz Kasprzyszak
Project engineer

Student of the fourth year of civil engineering at the Opole University of Technology, currently preparing to defend his engineer thesis. He decided to devote his work as an engineer to the problem of using surface prefabricated elements in the construction industry. Enthusiast of non-standard projects and outlook on the world. Eliasz values quality and professionalism. In our company he handles cost estimates as well as supervision over pending investment projects. Thanks to his work he can deepen his practical knowledge related to the construction industry. In his free time he develops his sports skills. He practices wrestling and is an enthusiast of combat sports.




Anna Gogolok, MSc
Lawyer, specialist for real estate

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Opole. She graduated from postgraduate studies in the field of Real Estate Agents at the WSB University in Wrocław. In our company she handles comprehensive services for individual customers and developers. Anna loves to delve deeply into a problem and find creative solutions. She values customer satisfaction at every stage of cooperation, from pre-sales activities until the completion of the transaction. Professional license number 17694

Dorota Szot, MSc
Advertising specialist

Master of fine arts, graduate of the Institute of Art at the University of Opole, specialist in graphic design and more traditional forms of artistic statements. She cannot get away from a screen, she cares about the form and the top esthetic quality of visual communication in the company. She treats design and creation not only as her job, but also as her passion. She is constantly looking for inspiration in people and in nature, where she finds shapes, colors as well as the motivation to act. In her free time she is a runner who believes that running is a combat sport for the soul.




Joanna Bajor, MSc
Employee at the accounting department

She graduated from political sciences at the Faculty of History and Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Opole in 2011. An internship in administration allowed her to develop her skills in office management. The fact that she started working at Struxi was simply her destiny. In our company she is responsible for correct accounting. As a good employee, she is characterized by positive thinking and faith in the execution of all entrusted tasks.

Agnieszka Wysocka
Office manager

She has a bachelor’s degree in Management, with a specialization in Psychology in Business. She is this year’s graduate student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Opole. She combines acquired theory with practice in working as the office manager. Kindness and conscientiousness, among others, are the features thanks to which she fulfills her duties with a smile. She is currently on a maternity leave.





Ksenia Przybysz, Eng.
Deputy office manager

She graduated from engineering studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Opole University of Technology. After several years in retail, she decided to return to “the roots” of her education and in our company she currently handles administration related to the organization of building documents. Thanks to her responsibility, accuracy and determination she works every day with satisfaction.

Michał Indziniak, MSc. Eng.
Project engineer

MSc in civil engineering, specialization in building and engineering structures, graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Opole University of Technology. Michał believes that even the greatest success is only another reason to develop more. His enthusiasm and passion motivate him to formulate bigger and bigger objectives every day. In our company he handles supervision over pending investment projects, the acquisition of materials and new contractors needed for the projects. Thanks to his work, he develops knowledge obtained during his studies in practice. In his free time, he is devoted to music. He is an enthusiast of club music, is a DJ and an emcee.





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